What is the Community Youth Intervention Program

The Community Youth Intervention Program (CYIP) works with Indigenous youth who are in conflict with the law. The Community Youth Intervention Worker (CYIW) works closely with probation officers, operating as a bridge between youth and probation officers. The CYIW also works with community members including the leadership and the community Education Authority.

The CYIW plays an important role in the development of  local programs, in order to work towards preventative measures for future youth conflicts. While also providing support and assistance in order to reintegrate the youths into the community – in a positive and meaningful way. The CYIW meets regularly with clients and helps build their self-esteem while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The goal of the CYI Program

The intent of the program is to guide youth to a better understanding of how their behaviour affects others in the community and to make amends by giving back to the community in a meaningful way.

The focus is also on investing in preventative measures, so as to positively build up and support youths within their communities. This will help in raising the next generation to be responsible, well-rounded, and the leaders of tomorrow.

Youth will gain a new insight into the cause and effects of their behaviour. In addition, the program also helps youth to develop new skills and interests and to seek out new training opportunities.

Our Clients

  • Youth  between the ages of 12-17
  • Youth who have been in trouble with the law and are on probation
  • Youth who want to turn your life around
  • Youth who have a court-mandated order to complete
  • Youth who require assistance in completing or finding placements to complete court-mandated orders


Benefits of the CYI Program

  • Youth learn new skills and hobbies
  • Youth develop self-esteem and empowerment
  • Youth participate in group activities such as camping, boating and cultural events
  • Youth learn about their community and history
  • Youth reconnect with Elders and family members
  • Youth develop a healthy lifestyle


REZ 67: Fort Albany Video

The video below is an example of individuals coming together. It was created, produced, and written by Kenneth Sackaney: a NALSC Youth Intervention worker, the children of Fort Albany, and was done in collaboration with ArtsCan: a charity organization that connects creative artists with Indigenous Youth in remote communities.

For more information on the Youth Intervention Program please contact your local worker