In 2017 Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation began offering its Indigenous Bail Program. Indigenous Bail Workers help create release plans by locating potential sureties, finding appropriate addresses, and providing verified information to court officials. The program also offers bail supervision services. Supervision supports accused persons who do not have the financial means or social ties to be released pending trial. The program ensures that clients are supervised in the community such that they attend their court dates, comply with their conditions of release and have assistance to navigate the criminal court process.

Guided Criteria

The Indigenous Bail Supervision and Verification Program follows guided holistic eligibility criteria, based on:

  • Indigenous Traditions
  • Practices
  • World Views
  • Presumption of Innocence
  • Strengths of the Client
  • Connection to Community
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Unique Barriers Faced by Indigenous Peoples
  • Effects of Discrimination
  • Prejudice and the Legacy of Colonialism and Displacement

Community Release and Reintegration Program

Created in 2018, Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation’s Community Release and Reintegration Program provides a wide range of services to the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Communities. The services include: bail supervision and verification, reintegration aftercare, and nation-based justice support.

Its three main programs include:

  • Bail  Supervision Verification and Verification
  • Reintegration Aftercare
  • Nation Based Justice Support


Assists individuals to obtain reasonable bail promptly.  The program seeks to reduce the number of community members on remand in jails and alleviate the burden placed on families and communities due to displacement by the criminal justice system.




Supports adults departing detention centers to ensure a cohesive return home. The program’s aim is to create positive, supportive and sustainable returns with connections to mentor ship, employment, housing, social and mental health programming.


Please Contact Our Staff In The Following Communities

Lenard Comber, Indigenous Bail Verification and Supervision Worker

37 Front Street PO Box 546
Sioux Lookout, ON  P8T1A3
Cell: (807)632-0316
Fax: (807) 737-4847


Clinton Patrick, Indigenous Bail Verification and Supervision Worker

119 Pine Street South, suite 210
Timmins, ON . P4N2K3
Cell: (705) 288-7000
Phone: (705) 268-1105
Fax: (705)268-5682


Charles Benson, Community Release and Reintegration Worker

PO Box 8
Weagamow Lake, ON  P0V2Y0
Phone: (807) 469-7571
Fax: (807) 469-1315

Angus Miles, Community Release and Reintegration Worker

General Delivery
Fort Severn, ON  P0V1W0
Phone: (807) 212-5948


Jean Rabbit-Waboose, Community Release and Reintegration Worker

139 Main Street, PO Box 298
Fort Hope, ON  P0T1L0
Phone: (807) 242-7221


David Sutherland, Community Release and Reintegration Worker

15 Riverside Road PO Box 87
Fort Albany, ON  P0L1H0
Phone: (705) 278-5049


Jocelyn Hunter, Community Release and Reintegration Worker

PO Box 1
Peawanuck, ON  P0L2H0
Phone: (705) 473-2554
Fax: (705) 473-2503