What is Community Learning HUB?

The Community Learning HUB is a digital suite of programs that enhances the way life skills are being delivered to youth and young adults.  This innovative tool engages the participant through the use of touch-screen technology, leaving both the facilitator and the participants feeling more connected and energized.

Programs offered from the HUB:

  • Northern Ontario Substance Abuse Program
  • Northern Ontario Anger Management Program
  • Cultural Teachings
  • Resume Builder
  • Trade Up
  • Weed Out The Risk
  • Financial Literacy

The HUB program can be delivered to a room full of participants, in a workshop setting that utilizes a projector or a Smart Board, or on a one-to-one basis using a Dell 27” touchscreen computer.

Program Objectives

The Northern Ontario Anger Management Program has 12 sessions that can be completed in six workshops.  Each session ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on group size and participation level.

Objectives include:

  • Recognizing anger as an emotion
  • Ability to develop self-regulation of emotion
  • Help youth to understand the negative effects of aggression and relationship abuse
  • Teach participants basic techniques for impulse control, including stopping, calming, perspective taking, and problem-solving

The Northern Ontario Substance Abuse Program has three sessions and can be completed in four workshops.  Each session ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on group size and participation level.

Objectives include:

  • Establish a common language enabling youth to recognize the most critical information and understandings from within the whirlwind of competing signals in the public discourse on substance abuse
  • Help youth to understand that the development of cravings is the critical and unifying harm associated with the use of substances (and/or addictive behaviours) by youth
  • Provide youth with supportive, open-ended spaces in which they may express their thoughts and feelings concerning their experience of substance abuse and the impact of substance-motivated behaviour within their lives

Upon completion of any HUB program, the participant receives a Certificate of Completion.

Program Demo

To book a demonstration of the Community Learning HUB for your organization, please contact

Stallone Quequish

squequish@nanlegal.on.ca                                                                                                                                                                            1-807-737-4141

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