Nishnawbe Aski Legal Services  “Victim Witness Program” helps victims and witnesses by providing information, support, and making referrals to community and government agencies, and liaising with court personnel. For more information on our “Victim Witness Liaison Program” visit our webpage:
Victim Witness Liaison Program

We are honoured to be working in partnership with Niishaayek 2S Alliance, in developing a Series of Podcast’s on various ways to be supportive, teaching through stories, and sharing space.
A big Meegwetch goes out to Nick Sherman for providing and sharing his music with us!
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Niizhaayek 2S Alliance

Niizhaayek 2S Alliance is a Non-profit Organization that aims to reduce the stigmas and risks associated with being apart of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. They do this by engaging through youth workshops, amplifying youth voices, and in the development of an annual Ontario-wide 2SLGBTQ+ youth gathering.

Niizhaayek 2S Alliance have previously developed a Series of Podcasts via Spotify.
Please follow the link below to listen to any or all of the Six Podcasts:
The In- Between People Podcasts by Niizhaayek Alliance

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