Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Contact Information

April 21, 2020

             Nishnwbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have temporarily suspended in person services at our offices, as such we are providing direct contact to those who require our services.

To apply for Legal Aid or to speak to a summary advice lawyer, please leave a message at our office at (807) 622-1413 and we will return your call as soon as possible.  If your matter is urgent please contact Legal Aid Ontario Client Services Center at 1-800-668-8258 for assistance.

For all our other programs, please see the following information to contact program managers, and they will return your call as soon as they are able.


Manager Contact Information

Victim Witness Program 

Manager: Gillian Schaible



Bail or Release and Reintegration Program & Discharge Planning 

Manager: Danielle Wood

Direct Line: (807) 622-1413 ext. 7076

Cell Phone: (807) 356-6600



Talking Together Program

Manager: Carol Buswa

Direct Line: (807) 622-1413 ext. 7379

Cell Phone: (807) 621-3532



Restorative Justice, Bylaw, or Hub Program 

Manager: Chantelle Johnson

Direct Line: (807) 766-7081

Cell Phone: (807) 252-3934



Gladue Program 

Manager: George Edwards

Direct Line: (807) 622-1413 ext. 7625

Cell Phone: (807) 629-4213




Manager: Colette Shwetz

Direct Line: (807) 766-7714

Cell Phone: (807) 633-8158