Anti Racism / Anti Hate: Stories to Heal Relationships

The answers to this survey will be used as part of the “Stories to Heal Relationships” project, funded through the Anti-Racism Directorate of Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General. This project will collect stories and experiences through surveys such as this one about interactions between Indigenous peoples and different service providers in Northern Ontario, specifically interactions with police. The responses to this survey will be used and incorporated into anti-racism and anti-hate presentations and training materials which will be delivered to the Ontario Provincial Police and to other police services in Northern Ontario.

This survey will be administered on an anonymous basis, and participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. The Nishnawbe-Aski Legal Services Corporation (NALSC) will not accept any liability resulting from the use of any information collected as part of the “Stories to Heal Relationships” project.

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Anti Racism / Anti Hate: Stories to Heal Relationship's Survey
1. Are you a member of a NAN community? *
2. Do you feel safe when in Northern Ontario cities? (Timmins, Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout etc.) *
3. Do you feel like Northern Ontario cities as a whole are inclusive to NAN community members? *
4. Have you ever been or felt discriminated against or treated differently while receiving healthcare in the city? *
5. Have you ever been or felt discriminated against while in the justice system or by legal professionals? (Lawyers, Judges, Clerks, Administration etc.) *
6. Have you ever been discriminated against by service providers such as; schools, banks, stores, taxis, or any other Government office? *
7. How do you feel about police? *
8. Have you ever had an experience with police where you felt unsafe? *
8c. Did police identify themselves? *
8d. Did they use clear and plain language? *
9. Have you ever asked for an officer’s badge number and/or incident report number? *
9b. If yes, did they give you that information?
10. Approximately how many interactions with police have you had? *
10b. Were you treated with respect in your interactions with police? *
11. Have you ever reported an incident to police? *
11b. If you have reported an incident to police, did you feel as though your situation was taken seriously and that police dealt with it appropriately? *
12. Have you ever filed an official complaint against a police officer? *
13. Have you ever filed a complaint against a service provider in a Northern Ontario city? (Schools, banks, stores, transportation, government offices) *